Textensor Limited specializes in software development and consulting related to interactive web based information management systems, web services, data modeling, and scientific computing.

Our flagship product, a.nnotate.com, was launched in January 2008. It allows on-line review, annotation and discussion of web pages and a wide range of document types, including PDF and DOC, via a web browser. Latest news is in the A.nnotate Blog.

In April 2007 we launched PublicationsList.org to facilitate access to scientific research papers. It allows researchers to easily keep complete and reliable records of their research output on the web and gained more than 3000 users in the first 8 months.

In 2005, Textensor won a SMART:Scotland award for a pilot study into techniques for authoring structured content from text. The first commercial product developed from this technology is a.nnotate.com. Further potential for the technology is discussed in the white paper Enhancing documents with annotations and machine-readable structured information using Notate.

Recent consultancy clients include the University of Edinburgh for the development of PSICS, the Parallel Stochastic Ion Channel Simulator, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology for prototype code for stochastic diffusion, Memosyne Ltd for development of on-line memory tests for children, and Pearson Assessment for implementation of the Automated Working Memory Assessment.


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